Power of the Moment

How do you capture the moments of your life? Now days taking and sharing pictures is a big part of our being. Not so long ago – it was a completely
different process and many times the pictures that we took got lost in the process of living. But it is a wonderful thing when we are able to hold onto and
share a picture that captured a moment of how we were.

On several occasions my friends from various points in my life shared a picture of me on facebook that I didn’t even know existed. Their actions touched my
heart and made me happy to know that someone cared enough about me to save a picture from years gone by.

It is said that, “life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away.” My friend, you have the power to
take someone’s breath away just by sharing a picture or sharing a kind word each and every day of your life. So when you can – take a picture. When you
can, encourage someone. When you can, forgive someone including yourself. And most of all when you can give the greatest gift of them all this season and
beyond – love someone!

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