Place and Purpose

How happy are you with your life? Tom Brokaw says, “It’s easy to make a buck, but hard to make a difference.” I spent many years of my life working jobs
that were mundane. I had great benefits, offices not cubicles and wonderful opportunities. During my younger years – I was relegated to administrative work
which I loathed. With a tenacious spirit, gift of gab and creative nature – I took on assignments that allowed me to capitalize on my strengths. Whenever I
was allowed to interact with the public, be it demonstrating products or training, I always excelled. Fast forward 20+ years and I find myself doing that
which I excelled at 20 years ago. I no longer dread going to work. My life now centers on training and showing others the way to a more successful life.

Enough already about me, what about you? Nine times out of time if you are unhappy with the way you spend your days, you are doing something that is not
aligned with your life’s purpose. According to Dr. Benjamin E. Mays, “Every man and woman is born into the world to do something unique and something
distinctive and if he or she does not do it, it will never be done.” With that said if you are unsure of what you were born to do try this test.

Ask five people who know you well to give you feedback on what you do best.

I guarantee that the responses you receive will have a recurring theme. Let me know how you make out as you continue on your journey to find your place and

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