What are you obsessed with? What drives you to get out of bed excitedly in the morning? What keeps you awake? What gets your adrenaline flowing? What do
you love to do? What do you do well? What can you do that you would do with or without compensation? What makes you light up? What makes you happy? What
makes you cry? What bothers you?

What, what, what? What is it? Whatever it is – it is vitally important that you find it, own it, cherish and develop it. It is up to you to take your “it”
out of hiding, layaway and off hold. Someone is waiting on you to do your “it” like only you can as it will inspire them to do the same.

So go ahead and own your “it”. Celebrate it. Appreciate it. Nourish it. And above all share it. You have been given it for a purpose. Use it to light the
way and watch darkness fade away.

Keep Growing!

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