Grandma’s Love

What do you know for sure? For sure, for sure – I know that love never dies. As this year comes to a close I look back on my life and realize I have more
years behind me than I do before me. I begin to set my intentions for the coming year and vow yet again to be, do and have more than the year before.

The love that my Grandma, Nannie showed me proves to be more valuable now than then. Throughout the years, she made sacrifices for me that I’m not sure I
would do. I remember her being happy to go to Mrs. Belcher’s house and clean to make a little money to make groceries so her family could have a little
extra to eat.

I remember receiving care packages and letters while at college that were not even addressed properly but I still got them. I remember not being so
respectful to her. I remember not doing what I promised her I would do. But I don’t remember her ever being mad at me, not knowing my voice when I called
or not showing me love.

As her years on earth came to an end – I remember going to see her. She had to use oxygen and shared it with her younger sister who stayed with her. I
along with my uncle was getting ready to leave. My uncle gave her some money. I went to hug her and she pressed the money in my hand for she knew I wasn’t
working and probably could use it. I told her I couldn’t take it and didn’t need it. She told me she would be hurt if I didn’t.

That was the last time I saw her alive. But that was not the last time I felt her love or learned from her example. Today I am reminded that being, doing
and having more requires me to simply love unconditionally – like my Grandma Nannie.

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